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Partnership Opportunities   

Enabling Technology & Exploration    

Two Men in Office

Why Partner With Us?

We specialize in developing high quality technologies for aerospace, energy, automotive, oil & gas industries and medical device applications. We are capable of rapidly transforming existing products to UnifiMI enabled fasteners to accelerate market introduction. 


Licensing Core Technology

  • Enable Design Opportunities

  • Eliminate Upfront R&D Costs ​

  • Speed to Market​ & Accelerated Market Introduction

​Customizable and multi-faceted licensing opportunities combine various elements to become a catalyst for technological advancement, fueling both cutting-edge inventions and mutually beneficial partnerships, paving the way for collaboration, scalability and success. An example would include the application of UnifiMI Technology to new or existing system designs to accelerate market introduction and specialized teams capable of supporting technology transfers.


Joint Development

  • Interface-Centric Consultants 

  • Advanced Engineering Team 

Platform Optimization

Utilizing advanced computational modeling techniques to optimize thread geometry for specific material combinations and loading scenarios. 


This includes exploring factors like thread pitch, depth, and flank angles to maximize interfacial strength and minimize stress concentrations. By delving deeper into these aspects, designers and engineers can unlock the full potential of UnifiMI and establish it as a cornerstone technology for high-performance fastening applications.

R&D Ecosystem
  • Pioneer in Substrate Preparation & Preservation

  • Thread Geometries

  • Interface-Centric Development Teams

Scalable Manufacturing & Robust Quality Systems​

  • Supply Chain Expertise

  • Certified Manufactures 

  • Tech Transfer Support    

  • Quality Controls

  • Inspection & Validation 

Material Characterization

Investigating the role of material properties like surface roughness, elasticity, and yield strength on the efficacy of the UnifiMI interface. This process can guide material selection and pre-treatment processes for optimal performance.

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