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Advanced Platform Technology

With a Wide Range of Applications

Structural Integrity.

UnifiMI    Fastener Technology was developed & engineered to meet the highest quality standards of the medical device industry and is being optimized for non-medical multi-use applications.


Addressing Key Market Challenges

Vibrational Loosening

Loose bolts can quickly escalate from a minor issue to a major problem resulting in serious and even catastrophic outcomes. A failure of fasteners may cause costly equipment damage or hurt someone, causing serious injury or death. 

Environmental Conditions

Industrial fasteners are subject to harsh environmental conditions including exposure to moisture, chemicals, dynamic loads and in some cases extreme temperature fluctuations. 

Material Preservation

Damage to a material substrate may occur during the  manufacturing assembly or installation process leading to time-consuming repair times, potential project delays and comprise construct performance. 

Stress Management

Fasteners bear the brunt of dynamic forces in various applications. Over time, cyclic loading can cause microscopic cracks to form in the fastener, eventually leading to failure. Strength and reliability are paramount, the phenomenon of fastener fatigue poses a unique challenge. Fastener fatigue occurs when repeated loading and unloading cycles lead to stress-related failures.

Solar Panels Technician
“Truly ground-breaking. UnifiMI Fastener Technology consistently demonstrates a remarkable ability to sustain a secure stable connection when subjected to vibrational forces by evenly distributing the amount of energy transmitted through the construct.”

Andrew Fauth


UnifiMI Fastener Platform Technology 

Patented Thread Form Design

Optimal Mechanical, Structural & Functional Connection

Engineered to Dissipate Vibrational Energy & Provide a Long-term Stable Connection

Reduce Assembly Time, Cost & Weight 


Leveraging Knowledge

Application of Intellectual Property
• Stability
• Drilling
• Tapping
• Stress Management
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